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I am a Brazilian-Canadian arts educator and education program designer dedicated to teaching creative writing, performance, and public speaking as tools for social change.



A Creative Writing Program Offered at Sierra Club BC, DAREarts, and the Vancouver Park Board

This program is focused on facilitating opportunities for intergenerational and province-wide connections. Participants develop oral and written storytelling skills, and steward curiosity about plants, people, and their environments.

Resources for this program for Grades 6-9 educators are available for download from the Sierra Club BC online education hub.



A Practical Storytelling Guide for Health Care Professionals Taking Climate Action, 2021

In partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, this guide was created to provide guidance for health care professionals on how to be effective communicators of climate action initiatives and advocates for storytelling as a driver for improvements in health care, community resilience, and climate change.


A Neighbourhood Place-Making Project, 2020-21

In collaboration with the City of Vancouver, this project imagines the neighbourhood of Victoria-Fraserview in South Vancouver painted with stories of its residents, history, and unique culture.

The initiative brings together city planners, resident artists, community programmers, and UBC researchers to create space for these stories to be told.

If you're a resident of Victoria-Fraserview, I invite you to contribute to this project by sharing your story.


An Artistic Partnership, 2020

Every year the International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC) connects environmental artists across Canada with environmental organizations that need their creative support. In 2020, I participated in this program, and worked to enhance environmental education through arts-based approaches.


An Interactive Installation at BC Culture Days, 2019

In A Poetic Landscape, Culture Days festival participants were invited to reflect on how the landscape surrounding Vancouver citizens could impact their thinking.

Through a reflective park installation, participants read landscape-inspired poetry, practiced the art of natural observation, and responded with written reflections, which connecting observations from members of the Vancouver community!



If you're interested in further exploring my past and present work, check out my living resume on LinkedIn.

I'm always happy to discuss future projects, or class and workshop offerings.




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