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Alyssa Harms-Wiebe is a Brazilian-Canadian writer and communication coach based in Vancouver, BC. Most recently, she was selected to be a 2019 BC Culture Days Ambassador, where she was awarded the opportunity to act as a spokesperson for the festival and showcase her poetry as an emerging artist in Canada. Alyssa is fascinated with words and languages, and this passion has taken her to many corners of the world. This past summer, she explored the wildness of Iceland while attending a writing residency at the Gullkistan Center for Creativity. The landscape inspired many new poems, which she performed at the 2019 Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival, representing the Vancouver Poetry House. When she isn't writing, she teaches adults and children to develop personal voice on the stage and on the page through private and group classes. She is en route to completing a MEd in Education for Sustainability at UBC, exploring the development of place-based educational models and experiential learning environments.