Focused on Sustainability

I am a Brazilian-Canadian artist-educator dedicated to bridging literary and performing arts with social and environmental sustainability. As an artist-in-residence at Sierra Club BC, I am working to enhance their education programs through the arts. In recent years, I have created writing programs and taught speech and drama at the Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts in Vancouver, taught theatre and directed productions across a number of Montreal stages, and currently lead creative writing and spoken word workshops with youth at DAREarts. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy exploring my own writing. In 2019, I was a writer-in-residence at the Gullkistan Centre for Creativity in Iceland, where I developed poetry on environmental degradation. I later performed my poetry at the 2019 Vancouver Outsider Art Festival. Selected as a 2019 BC Culture Days Ambassador, I also shared my work through a community-engaged art installation, A Poetic Landscape. With a BFA from Concordia University and as a current UBC MEd student, focusing on Education for Sustainability, I am curious about the intersections between the arts, education, and environmental sustainability.



A Creative Writing Program at Sierra Club BC

Virtual Sessions on Wednesdays

July 8-August 12

This summer program is focused on facilitating opportunities for intergenerational and province-wide connections. Participants will develop oral and written storytelling skills, and steward curiosity about plants and stories of their connection to place. Throughout the program, each youth participant (Grades 6-12) will reach out to an older adult (age 50+) who they are already acquainted with, and exchange personal stories about plants and place – from tree-climbing adventures to forest foraging to gardening mishaps and celebrations.

Students will be guided through a six-week journey, where they will connect with youth and older adults from across the province, learn to interview and gather stories, and develop their creativity by adapting oral stories to creative nonfiction and poetry. The project will culminate in a dynamic manuscript full of tales and observations of human relationships with plants and places.



Artistic Partnership

As an artist-in-residence at Sierra Club BC, I am working with the the International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC) and Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP) to enhance environmental education programs through arts-based approaches.


Publication (In Progress)

Alongside Vancouver photographer Danielle Campani, I am compiling true stories that highlight impactful citizens in the Vancouver area who are taking bold steps toward creating positive change in the realm of sustainability. The compilation of stories will result in a book which we plan to distribute across the city upon completion of the project, in hopes of mobilizing a greater network to take climate action.

If you or a member of your organization are interested in being interviewed and featured, get in touch!


Event at the 2019 BC Culture Days

In A Poetic Landscape, Culture Days festival participants were invited to reflect on how the landscape surrounding Vancouver citizens could impact their thinking.

Through a reflective park installation, participants read landscape-inspired poetry, practiced the art of natural observation, and responded with written reflections, which connecting observations from members of the Vancouver community!


Poetry Collection

As a Writer-in-Residence at the Gullkistan Centre for Creativity (Iceland), I developed a collection of poems relating to themes of environmental degradation due to global warming.

I performed a selection of the poems at the 2019 Vancouver Outsider Art Festival representing the Vancouver Poetry House.

To read one of the poems in this collection, click the link below.




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