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A Poetic Landscape

June-September 2019

A reflective park installation curated by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, which invited participants to read landscape-inspired poetry, to practice the art of natural observation, and to respond. The event took place at the Library Garden at UBC, as part of the 2019 BC Culture Days.

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The poetry exhibited was developed by Alyssa during a writing residency at the Gullkistan Centre for Creativity in Iceland in July, 2019.

FIRECRACKER: The Writers' Room Anthology

2018, 2019

Founded and curated by editor-in-chief Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, "FIRECRACKER" is an anthology of student writing competitively selected by a team of writers-in-residence at the Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts in Vancouver. The annual anthology features nonfiction, fiction, and poetry contest winners, as well as a selection of outstanding poems, stories, memoirs, and essays written by selected students of the academy's various writing programs. 

The Playground Co.

January-December 2017

An artist house collective based in New Westminster, BC, that sparked community by providing open space for creatives to meet, collaborate, and grow their talents. Local musicians, stand-up comedians, writers, photographers, visual artists, and dancers were given opportunity to showcase their work. The collective was also featured during the New West Cultural Crawl, with a lineup of performances open for viewing from members of the community.

Founded and facilitated by artists Alyssa Harms-Wiebe (writer and arts educator), Soh-yon Park (film photographer), and Natasha Stobbe (singer and songwriter).

Megan's Meltdown

Published in December 2015

Authored by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe and illustrated by Alanna Rae, "Megan's Meltdown" is a children's book designed to explain the complexities of climate change in the Arctic to children between the ages of 5-8.

A brief synopsis: "Megan is a wave in the Arctic Ocean who is having trouble freezing for the winter. Vicious winds and rising temperatures lead Megan on a raucous journey."

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Black Comedy

September-December 2014

A production of Peter Shafer's "Black Comedy," directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, produced at Westmount High School in Montreal.


January-June 2014

An original production directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, produced at the St.-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival.

Brief synopsis: "A look at religion and spirituality in the 21st century, explored through acrobatic movement and personal storytelling."

A Raisin in the Sun

February-April 2014

A production of Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the  Sun," directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, produced at Westmount High School in Montreal.

Tonight We Play a 'Soggetto'

January-February 2014

A production of Luigi Pirandello's "Tonight We Play a 'Soggetto'," directed by Alessandro Mercurio and assistant directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, produced on Concordia University's main stage.

If Phones Could Talk

January-February 2013

An original production written and directed by Alyssa Harms-Wiebe, produced at the Mainline Theatre in Montreal.

Brief synopsis: "A snappy, comedic critique of society’s obsession with social media and its effect on romantic relationships.”